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Herberton Pocket Film Festival
Herberton pocket Film Festival
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Entry Requirements

The 2023 Herberton Pocket Film Festival is a smartphone film festival held in North Queensland on the evening of Saturday October 21st in the Herberton Community Hall.

We are calling for submissions of short films of up to 7 minutes in length. These films should be captured using smartphones and can be of any genre such as drama, documentary, music videos, animation, or even creative mashups assembled from online content.

The pivotal requirement is that the film’s narrative aligns with the festival’s central theme: Telling stories of how life occurs for you on the Atherton Tablelands.

We’re in search of movies that forge an emotional bond with the audience by skillfully weaving narratives on the screen. This involves the interplay of elements like script, cinematography, acting, production design, soundscapes, and music. Share with us a captivating tale that illustrates your experiences in this particular corner of the world.

For more information on submitting your entry,
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Herberton Pocket Films Website

Complete films must be submitted by 13th October 2023

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