Herberton Pocket Film Festival


A Call of entries to the Herberton Pocket Film Festival (HPFF) telling stories of living on the Atherton Tablelands.

Short Films, 3-7 minutes in length, can be shot on a smartphone and the best of those entries will be shown at a festival of short films in Herberton to coincide with the Jacaranda Festival on 15th & 16th OCTOBER 2022.

Your story can be a DRAMA, a DOCUMENTARY, a MUSIC VIDEO, ANIMATION or a MASHUP edited from content found on the internet.

The CRITERIA FOR QUALITY will be how well your film tells a story by emotionally connecting with the audience. Film-making craft including script, performance, music soundscape and editing will all be essential parts of an ENGAGING STORY.

Everyone is welcome to enter and films will be judged in four categories. The categories will be junior high (grades 7-10) senior high (grades 11-12). First Nation Stories and community entries (open to all non-school ages).


Complete films must be submitted by: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8th 2022



We all have a story to tell and some guidance in the craft of casual storytelling can be helpful. We have secured the services of internationally-experienced film maker, Catherine Jarvis to conduct inspiring workshops for everyone who has lodged their intention to enter a film in the festival.


In a friendly and sharing atmosphere, Catherine will take you through the process of creating an engaging visual story. From the BASICS of how to use a phone to make a film, to the further exciting elements of storytelling through IMAGES, CAMERA ANGLES, LIGHTING, SOUND, MUSIC and EDITING. Whatever your level of experience, you will begin the journey of taking your idea to the screen. Catherine’s own passion and life journey in the film industry will help you tap into your imagination and individual talents.


Two 6 hour workshop stream are on offer with a limit of 15 participants in each session. A $10 cash contribution is required on the day.

Short films focusing on Drama, Animation, Music Videos, Mash-up

(offered on July 16th or July 23rd)

Short films with a factual documentary/interview style.

(offered on July 17th and July 24th)

Register interest for participation in the workshops by filling out the form.

    Short films focusing on Dramas, Animation, Music Videos, Mash-upShort films with a factual documentary/interview style.


    Call our volunteers by clicking the links below:
    Peter Whalley-Thompson 0434 161 740
    Coral Risley 0427 962 112